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You know that the key to the success is being different in an group. We at LEBS is all about delivering the solutions to your requirements for constructional designs, mechanical solutions, 2D draftings, 3D designing using Solid Edge, CATIA & AutoCAD. Most of all, as a client you would like to have the right solution served to your with excellence of the experienced professionals in their field.

LEBS offers a comprehensive package of Mechanical Engineering solutions related to CAD, Designing, Drafting, Industrial Health and Safety Welfare and mechanical business solutions. We provide one stop solutions for all the engineering needs.

  • Industrial Health and Safety Management
  • 2D Drafting
  • Constructional Designs & Solutions
  • AutoCAD
  • CATIA Designing solutions
  • Solid Edge designing
  • Oil & Gas solutions
  • Aerospace Designs

CV/ Resume Construction : 

Being a recruitment consultancy in the engineering fields, a perfectly placed resume takes the job easily. We constantly come upon disorganized CVs’. A well written CV is good for both the agency and candidate as it means more likely to make a fee and find a new job. It is certainly true that we do offer to re-write CVs, while we  an improvement on the original CV, with a bit more time and effort they can be far more targeted.

If you are looking for a constructive, narrative and brief CV to be reconstructed please send us email at

Pricing –  £4 /₹ 400 and optional £1/₹ 100 for Cover Letter re-construction.
To Pay for the above service please do it through our PayPal button displayed below.

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Industrial / Constructional Health Safety & Welfare Management : 

An important part of an industrial / constructional field is the health, safety and welfare of the employees. As for HS&W a company needs safety drawings, pictorial representation of the operating appliances, managing the safety using a handout and sufficient training which meets the standard of clients and the governmental orders. To comply with the regulations and needs we provide three different solutions for HS&W includes : Designs, Handouts for Safety & Precaution, PSCS (Project Supervisor Construction Stage)

Pricing are displayed Below :

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards                                              Buy Now Button with Credit Cards
ᛏ                                                                                                       ᛏ
Safety Design – £22 / ₹  2200 per chart                   Safety & Precaution Handout £27 / ₹ 2700 


Resume Database : 

We invite applications along with the CV and cover letter to register with us. We personally email each candidate with their application success or progress. On an positive aspect, our clients have an access to all our database so that the selection of the candidate is entirely transparent and unbiased. The selection of every candidate for the opening is not restricted to experience, availability or excellence but along cracking the interview.

Register with your CV to receive the top 20 Jobs every week in your email id:

e :


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