VARK briefing

VARK briefing








What is VARK ?

VARK refers to Visual, Aural, Read/ Write & Kinesthetic learning. VARK helps to understand more about ones’ learning style. With the vivid characteristics of people around the worl no one is same as the other. VARK plays an important role in understanding ones’ pyschology. Where one person may be a very good at visual learning ability. A visual learner may grasp an idea of work more quickly. On the other hand aural people love to concentrate on what one speaks. People with read/write learning skills prefer taking downs notes on what they feel to learn, where as kinesthetic people are bit slower than the rests.  VARK can be used in industries where new trainees are employed and trained for the specific work. Based on the VARK analysis of each candidate an organization can have the ease of making its employeers more understanding of the marketing and ways of presenting new ideas to the employees.

Below is the example of the blogger about his VARK analysis. Have a look and leave us a comment what do you think about him.

Name : Dibyajyoti Laha

VARK Analysis below :

  • Visual: 9
  • Aural: 8
  • Read/Write: 11
  • Kinesthetic: 11

result : ” You have a multimodal (VARK) learning preference ”

Leave us a comment what do you feel about the VARK result of Dibyajyoti Laha.

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SWOT description

SWOT Visual

SWOT Analysis of Dibyajyoti Laha

Click on the image given above to view it larger.

The term SWOT is new to everyone basically to the non-business people. WeLEBS bring you the meaning of SWOT , to help you analyze and understand the potentials in you.  SWOT refers to Strength , Weakness, Opportunities & Threats. As working in an organization specifically or individually SWOT helps to understand more inside you. Here we (LEBS) have made a small SWOT of a person named Dibyajyoti Laha founder of LEBS studying at Anglia Ruskin University. Lets have a look at it. Above given is the visual version and given below is the text version.


Positive Working
Target oriented
Effective orator
Social Conscious
Founder of Organization
IT skilled
Business Analyst
Engineering Designer
Eco friendly
Good diplomatic approach
Cultural Investor


Like Sleeping
Gadget freak
very liberal


Long term platform on ideas from University (ARU, UK)

Greater participation
Enhancing IT skills
Interaction for business plans at Uni.

More wide steps to introduce LEBS market to Europe

Fair cultural relations and society views

Growth of self discipline.



Differences in food when out of homeland

Cultural shock

Laha Engineering & Business Solutions

Laha Engineering And Business Solutions
This is the very first blog of LEBS from Google to WordPress. Our website shall be out in a couple of days. LEBS stands for Laha Business and Engineering Solutions previously known as Netmash Consultancy Services. LEBS basically represents a group of students from world wide either stuyding or a graduate helping with their engineering ideas. Basically we work online helping and generating new ideas and develope soft copies of designs in fields of Mechanical Engineering and bsuiness  solutions. We presently deal in making engineering designs like on CAD, Simens 2D drawing, develope new ideas related to farming and eco friendly designs. Our business areas deals with establishing business in India – small scale consultancy firms, establishing fair trade and cultural relations with India, looking for investment in cottage and handicraft industries in India. Apart from these variety of services we offer, we are very pleased to inform that we the organization LEBS is completely voluntary and doesnot charge you anything for its services. Its solelly on the investor or the client who wishes us to donate. The donations we receive are usually sent to the chilren wellfare societies.

LEBS doesnot only work alone. It is already a partner with number of companies. Our Engineering partners are – ThyssenKrupp, Larsen &  Tubro, Schneider Electric India, Jacobs Engineering.

Our Education partners are : Manipal University India. Impel Overseas oversea Education partners.

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Dibyajyoti Laha

Engineering Analyst
Spokesperson LEBS Worldwide.