Call for Resumes – Top 20 Jobs week 1

1. Job Title: Design Engineer II-  Mechanical 

    Job Description: 

Fluor Mideast Limited (FML), Abu Dhabi is a subsidiary of Fluor Corporation, one of the World’s largest, publicly traded engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance and project management companies. Consistently rated as one of the world’s safest contractors, we design, build and maintain the world’s most complex and challenging capital projects.

Overall Purpose of Job:
Under Direct Supervision, using independent judgment within established practices and guidelines, by Management of Fluor or its subsidiaries (indicated as “the Company”), the purpose of this position is to provide the essential administrative and technical knowledge and direction for the job functions listed below with the objective of ensuring Fluor’s competitiveness within the global marketplace by delivering quality services of unmatched value.

Primary Job Duties/Functions:
1.Serves as Lead or Area Lead on assigned projects or moderately complex engineering assignments and develops the most cost-effective total project solution for execution of the discipline engineering work. Lead duties include but are not limited to: develops and updates job plans, supports proposal and estimate activities, develops and reviews specifications including design criteria, develops and monitors schedules, develops and monitors manpower estimate forecasts, assigns work to teams, monitors material estimates and quantities, interfaces with project disciplines / client representatives /construction, participates in equipment and material procurement activities, permitting activities and subcontracting activities
2.Perform and check design calculations and drawings, prepare equipment datasheets, requisitions, carry out technical bid evaluations and review vendor documents.
3.Reviews specifications, drawings, and vendor equipment documentation from both within the discipline as well as from other disciplines for compliance with project requirements and actively seeks resolution
4.Uses good knowledge of major industry Codes and Standards (e.g., ASME, API, PD etc.) applicable to Pressure Equipment.
5.Provides close interface with, and promotes the understanding of, other discipline functions
6.Other related duties/functions as assigned
7.Familiarity with software for design and stress calculations.

Job Requirements. 

1. An accredited Bachelors degree, or equivalent, in Mechanical Engineering
2. 10 years of design experience working with an Engineering Construction Company supporting Energy and Chemical projects.
3. The use of Mechanical Specific software.
4. Knowledge of major industry Codes and Standards (e.g., ASME, API, PD, etc.)

Preferred Qualifications 1.Experience in rotating equipment and static equipment.
Degree Required Yes
City (or Nearest City) Abu Dhabi
State/Province Abu Dhabi
Country United Arab Emirates
Location Type Office
Requisition Number 55211BR

To apply : send us you CV  at and mention the requisition number.

2. Job Title : Senior Interior Designer

Exp: 12 – 25 yrs. | Opening(s): 1

Education:Basic – Bachelor of Technology/Engineering, Bachelor of Science

Nationality:Any Nationality 

Job Description: 

Review the contract documents (drawings and specification related to his discipline) and advises the Construction Manager of any deficiency.
Review Contractor’s submittals, related to his discipline, and ensure its compliance with concept design, contract requirements and properly coordinated with other disciplines.
Review shop drawings, related to his discipline, and ensure its compliance with designrequirements, contact requirements, properly coordinated with other disciplines and submitted as per the approved schedules.
Review and approval of Materials, related to his discipline, ensuring compliance with contract requirements and submitted as per approved Project Construction schedule. Any deviation from project specification shall be notified to the Construction Manager vide Material Approval Request (MAR) Verification form.
Regular visits to Project site to ensure quality of work is in compliance with contact requirements, good construction practice, only approved materials are used, compliance with shop drawings, and report any deviations to Construction Manager.
Make sure that CONTRACTOR has submitted the Method Statement (MS), Quality Control Procedure (QCP) and inspection & Test Plan (11?) prior to stating the relevant activity. Inspection & Test Plans and other Quality Verification Forms address all necessary information outlined in the project specification or in the Manufacturer recommendations.
Review and approval of Method Statement (MS), Quality Control Procedure (QCP) and Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) as submitted by Contractor and ensure its compliance with all contract requirements.
Coordinate with COMPANY Senior QA Engineer to establish the intervention point in the proposed Inspection and Test Plan.
Participate in reviewing Field Design Changes, related to his discipline, as submitted by Contractor by giving the technical position addressing any foreseen cost and Time Impact.
Technical support and assessment to Contracts Engineer and Cost Engineer of Trend Notices, approved variations and claims (when raised by Contractor).
Advise PMT Quality and Safety Engineers as well as Construction Manager of noticed non-compliance cases during site visits.
Regular spot checks of material delivered to site, related to his discipline, and direct the relevant Inspector! Engineer to continue inspection of stored materials on site to ensure it is as per approved materials and in good condition.
Closely monitor inspector/engineer performance and advises the Construction Manager in case of deficiency or poor performance.
Technical support to PMT Planning Engineer in respect to precedence of activities related to his discipline and optimum duration of each activity.
Attend Technical Meetings with Contractor, and Weekly Progress Meetings if required by Construction Manager.
Ensure fun coordination between all other disciplines / Trades has been carried out for all External and Internal MEP services.
Review spare parts, operation & mainten2nce manuals of trades related to his discipline and ensure compliance with contract requirements.
Participate with PMC disciplines in reviewing the Close Out Report as submitted by CONTRACTOR.
Review As-Built drawings related to his discipline as submitted by Contractor. As built drawing shall be properly coordinated with the site Inspection Team to make sure that it matches all site changes.
Witness pre commissioning & commissioning activities related to his discipline and ensure full compliance with project requirements.
Make sure that any non-conformity has been reported through a Non Conformance Report (NCR). All NCRs shall be coordinated with the PMT Senior Quality Assurance Engineer.

Desired Candidate Profile

Should be qualified Engineer / Architect B. Sc. or higher. The senior discipline should have a minimum of 10 years experience in Engineering functions out of a minimum of 15 years overall experience in Construction fields

Keyword: Interior Design, Construction, Site Supervision, Fitout, Finishing

To apply send us your CV to and mention ref: HILLS

3. Job Title: Senior Structural Design Incharge

Client of Dulsco – U.A.E. 

Posted: May 8, 2013Exp: 7 – 14 yrs. | Salary: $4001 – $5000 | Opening(s): 1

Education:Basic – Bachelor of Technology/Engineering(Civil)

Nationality:Any Nationality

Industry Type: Construction

Functional Area: Engineering

Job Description: 

Mandatory: Dubai Municipality license for G+12/ Unlimited

Bachelor degree in civil.
 Must have overall 10 years of experience.
 AutoCAD. Structural Analysis and Design software (e.g. ETABS, SAFE, STAAD,7etc).
 Familiar with Local and International Codes of Practice for Structural design.
 Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects. Ability to meet stated customer initiated deadlines.
 Must be goal orientated.
 Ability to multi task
 Must have good organizational skills
 Must be proactive and energetic
 Must be flexible and creative

Keyword: design engineer, structural, civil

To apply send us CV at and mention quote reference: DULSCO 

4. Job Title: Inspection Engineer

Exp: 7 – 14 yrs. | Opening(s): 6

Education:Basic – Bachelor of Technology/Engineering

Nationality:Any Nationality

Industry Type: Oil & Gas/ Petroleum 

Functional Area: Engineering

Job Description:

The Inspection Section is responsible for carrying out all inspections activities required to ensure plant integrity and reliability for the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of the plant based on RBI methods.

Responsible to inspect plant process equipment, maintenance and capital investment works, and materials received in the warehouse when required, to ensure compliance with codes, standards and specifications.

Handles contractors ranging from highly specialized to labors, depending on relevant inspection tasks, during Major Maintenance and/or Extraordinary Maintenance projects or other specific activities.


· To supervise all on-stream and shutdown inspection activities for stationary equipment, pressure relieving devices, corrosion monitoring and investigation of failures.
· To identify areas of concern and propose dedicated inspection procedures to follow-up their resolution to improve Plants Integrity.
· To prepare data to implement and updates the Risk Based Inspection (RBI) methodology to enhance Plants Integrity and Reliability in order to optimize inspection frequencies, maintenance cost and Plants Availability.
· To assist the Inspection Section Head to prepare long and short-term inspection Business Plans and Budgets.
· To comply with all company Health, Safety and Environment as well as Work Permit, policies and procedures
· To advise on repair techniques, materials selection, welding procedures, inspection and testing requirements.
· To supervise and participates in non-destructive testing of equipment and piping, including review of preliminary interpretations carried out by subordinates.

Keyword: inspection, inspection engineer

To apply send us CV at and mention quote reference: GASCO 

Hot job of the day 

5. Job Title: Senior Inspection Planning Engineer.

Exp: 8 – 15 yrs. | Opening(s): 1

Education:Basic – Bachelor of Technology/Engineering(Mechanical, Metallurgy)

Nationality:Any Nationality

Industry Type: Oil & Gas / Petroleum 

Functional Area: Engineering

Job Description: 

An exciting opportunity with an established leading Middle East based National Oil Company, that functions throughout onshore development sites as well as in the shallow coastal waters with a number of productive oil fields.

1. Implement Corrosion Control/Inspection programs, involving pre-commissioning/live equipment inspection. Recommend corrective action.

2. Define fitness for purpose and conformity to specifications

3. Provide input to shutdown planning.

4. Review and conduct surveys to ensure equipment and
plant integrity.

An attractive remuneration will be negotiated with the successful candidates and will be in line with a competitive industry standard.

Desired Candidate: 

Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical or Metallurgical Engineering

Min relevant Experience of 7 to 10 years in upstream oil and gas

Keyword: Inspection, Corrosion, Planning

To apply send us CV at and mention quote reference: Fuschia Oil & Gas 

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Vark Analysis Continued

As per with the conversation discussed below on the VARK analysis of Mr. Dibyajyoti Laha, he was found to be Multimodal. But on interactions with Mr. Dibyajyoti, he said us ” No doubt I am multimodal but I prefer Visual more to understand a situation be it be in a lecture or be it be in a society trying to make us understand. I am strongly into visual  mode of understanding everything which helps me analysis.” – Saturday 20th october 2012. 

Hence forward, though you have received a result of your VARK, we request you to understand yourself what enables you more understanding a situation as Mr. Dibyajyoti Laha has said on his result. 



Nuclear Energy Antiquated

The source of energy has been in a big demand when the globe ran in the changes from horse powers to machines. With the continuous increase in the urbanization, cities, cosmos humans have been demanding more power sources. Early 19th  century was energized with the power generated from the fossil fuels. When more consumptions came into demand, genius minds started thinking for the extreme sources of energy. They tried with every thing and solutions came up to the nuclear fission energy called nuclear Energy. Back in 1789 by Martin Klaproth Uranium was discovered by a German chemist, and named after the planet Uranus. Its commercial implications came into focus in late 1970s to 2002. In the recent incidents with the tsunami effect on Japan and several major disasters many countries decided to get rid of the nuclear energy.

‘ the nuclear power industry suffered some decline and stagnation. Few new reactors were ordered, the number coming on line from mid 1980s little more than matched retirements, though capacity increased by nearly one-third and output increased 60% due to capacity plus improved load factors. The share of nuclear in world electricity from mid 1980s was fairly constant at 16-17%. Many reactor orders from the 1970s were cancelled. The uranium price dropped accordingly, and also because of an increase in secondary supplies. Oil companies which had entered the uranium field bailed out, and there was a consolidation of uranium producers.

However, by the late 1990s the first of the third-generation reactors was commissioned – Kashiwazaki-Kariwa 6 – a 1350 MWe Advanced BWR, in Japan. This was a sign of the recovery to come. ‘   – source World Nuclear Association


Germany has already closed its 7 nuclear power stations out of 21 and is looking forward for more eco-friendly systems of energy. Japan is looking forward into more sea energy or geothermal energy. It is bit controversial in comparison in saying that the nuclear energy is going to be outdated. On one side where the Euro Zone and the US is looking forward for more compatible sources of energy and dive into eco-friendly renewable sources out throwing the nuclear energy, certain countries in Asia are investing in the nuclear.

‘ But plans in Europe and North America are overshadowed by those in China, India, Japan and South Korea. China alone plans a sixfold increase in nuclear power capacity by 2020, and has more than one hundred further large units proposed and backed by credible political determination and popular support. A large portion of these are the latest western design, expedited by modular construction.

The history of nuclear power thus starts with science in Europe, blossoms in UK and USA with the latter’s technological might, languishes for a few decades, then has a new growth spurt in east Asia. ‘  –   – source World Nuclear Association

In a nut it is really hard to say that the nuclear energy is going to be outdated because on one side where the developed countries are looking forward for more better sources of energy the east of Asia is investing in nuclear energy as a new generation energy solutions.

main sources  :

World Nuclear Association , google scholar, BBC Asia, BBC UK

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Laha Engineering And Business Solutions

Student Tutor interaction

Its a very fresh news that Mr. Dibyajyoti Laha is studying BEng Mechanical at Anglia Ruskin University at UK. The start of the adult life far away from India is not doubt to be daunting, problems will arise and any one needs to cope them up. It is a lovely system in most of the European University to assist the students when they are here with their study , emotional & physical problems.

Mr. Dibyajyoti Laha met with his personal student tutor on Thursday 1120 hrs to introduce himself and get a handful help regarding the problems he might face in the next coming years. His personal tutor is Mr. Hassan Shirvani an established and reputed professor as well the director of the Mechanical Engineering section.  On interaction with his personal student tutor he was given advise on how to study, learn the ways of interaction in the European Unis. discuss more about problems that may affect the lifestyle and study life.

In a nut the successful conversation with his student tutor seemed to be a positive part to him to help him survive the differences in the culture & lifestyle.

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Learning Line Understanding


Learning line refers to gain knowledge or understanding of or skill in by study, instruction, or experience. Here given below is the example of Dibyajyoti Laha, whose learning line is shown. Tell us about your learning line.
Click on the image below to view it large.

Learning Line

My Learning Style Analysis


We all have our own way of approaching learning and, although we may think that our own approach is what most people use / is idiosyncratic to ourselves, you may find it helpful to know that theorists have developed a number of learning styles’ inventories, which attempt to help learners categorise how they learn.  While they should be approached with caution, they can offer an interesting perspective on what is otherwise “hidden”.


Reading My Report:

Step One:  Examine the total score for each of the seven learning styles.
The scoring range is from -36 to +36; therefore, each style can be
identified as either accepted if it has a positive score or rejected if it
has a negative score.

Step Two:  Determine the strength or weakness reported in each style.  The
following scale might be helpful as a general reference:
+28 to  +36 = Very Strong Acceptance
+19 to  +27 = Strong Acceptance
+10 to  +18 = Acceptance
+1   to  +9 = Minimum Acceptance
0     = Neutral
-1   to  -9 = Minimum Rejection
-10 to -18  = Rejection
-19 to -27  = Strong Rejection
-28 to -36  = Very Strong Rejection

Step Three:  Determine the rank order of your seven styles where the highest
score is first and the lowest score is seventh.

Step Four:  Examine your rank ordered scores and divide them into two or
three categories:  Those on top can be identified as helpful learning styles
that can be used to increase learning success.  Those in the middle may or
may not be useful in the learning process.  And, those at the bottom are
probably not useful and are probably not helpful in the learning process.

Step Five:  Examine the chart below to determine the types of learning
activities associated with each learning style.  If you think your survey
results and personal analysis are accurate, consider adding the activities
associated with your most preferred learning style(s) and replacing or
avoiding activities associated with your least preferred or rejected
learning style(s).  Once again, please remember any life style changes are
your personal responsibility.

Learning Style:         Learning Activities:

Print                           Reading
Aural                           Listening
Interactive                     Talking with others, Asking
Visual                  Viewing movies, slides, demonstrations
Haptic                  Touching, holding, or other fine motor
Kinesthetic                     Gross motor movement like in
Olfactory                       Smelling or tasting

Here is my actual numeric report:

Dibyajyoti (

High School / GED

Scores – Subject 1
Print: -3
Aural: 7
Interactive: -1
Visual: 34
Haptic: -3
Kinesthetic: -10
Olfactory: -29