Student Tutor interaction

Its a very fresh news that Mr. Dibyajyoti Laha is studying BEng Mechanical at Anglia Ruskin University at UK. The start of the adult life far away from India is not doubt to be daunting, problems will arise and any one needs to cope them up. It is a lovely system in most of the European University to assist the students when they are here with their study , emotional & physical problems.

Mr. Dibyajyoti Laha met with his personal student tutor on Thursday 1120 hrs to introduce himself and get a handful help regarding the problems he might face in the next coming years. His personal tutor is Mr. Hassan Shirvani an established and reputed professor as well the director of the Mechanical Engineering section.  On interaction with his personal student tutor he was given advise on how to study, learn the ways of interaction in the European Unis. discuss more about problems that may affect the lifestyle and study life.

In a nut the successful conversation with his student tutor seemed to be a positive part to him to help him survive the differences in the culture & lifestyle.

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