VARK briefing

VARK briefing








What is VARK ?

VARK refers to Visual, Aural, Read/ Write & Kinesthetic learning. VARK helps to understand more about ones’ learning style. With the vivid characteristics of people around the worl no one is same as the other. VARK plays an important role in understanding ones’ pyschology. Where one person may be a very good at visual learning ability. A visual learner may grasp an idea of work more quickly. On the other hand aural people love to concentrate on what one speaks. People with read/write learning skills prefer taking downs notes on what they feel to learn, where as kinesthetic people are bit slower than the rests.  VARK can be used in industries where new trainees are employed and trained for the specific work. Based on the VARK analysis of each candidate an organization can have the ease of making its employeers more understanding of the marketing and ways of presenting new ideas to the employees.

Below is the example of the blogger about his VARK analysis. Have a look and leave us a comment what do you think about him.

Name : Dibyajyoti Laha

VARK Analysis below :

  • Visual: 9
  • Aural: 8
  • Read/Write: 11
  • Kinesthetic: 11

result : ” You have a multimodal (VARK) learning preference ”

Leave us a comment what do you feel about the VARK result of Dibyajyoti Laha.

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